These dynamic treatments are received fully clothed while laying face up on a massage table and typically last around 90 minutes.  I practice the method of craniosacral therapy that is most widely used today which was popularized by John Upledger DO, in the early 1980's.  Although, the basic theory originated in 1895, with William Sutherland DO, and there are other respected methods still in use.  

      Craniosacral therapy, or CST, is a very safe method of bodywork that uses gentle touch to work with a natural body rhythm.  Just as you can focus attention on respiratory and cardiac rhythms, and thereby change their behavior for the better, the cranial rhythm may also be worked with to promote health.  Although the term refers to the cranium and sacrum, which is where a lot of work can be focused, the subtle rhythm can be felt anyplace on the body and is used to help relieve pain in the extremities as well.        


      Many people who receive treatments report relief from a wide range of debilitating health problems such as migraine headaches, TMJ disorder, anxiety, back and neck pain, and many neurological issues.